Alocasia Polly


Alocasia polly.

Elephants ear.

Part of the Alocasia family, the polly is quirky addition to any plant collection, with the strong distinctive veins running through the leaves and their splendid purple bottoms.

Not a fan of direct sunlight as it will cause the edge of their leaves to shrivel and burn, a bright spot with indirect light is perfect, they don’t mind a little bit of shade.

Alocasia are grown in a damp environment, so the soil should be kept damp but not sodden.
Let the top layer dry out and then give this plant a drink, they love rain water or distilled tap.

They also love a misting of water to help create humidity.

This plant can toxic to animals and humans, so don’t eat them.

Plant height: 32cm/12.5inches

Pot height: 9.5cm/3.75inches
Pot width: 12cm/ 4.75 inches








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