Alocasia sanderina


Alocasia sanderiana

This beautiful alocasia has large umbrella leaves that create a canopy effect, the sharp arrow shaped leaves are a rich green in colour.

Alocasia’s should be kept in brightly lit area to keep the vibrant colour, but out of direct sunglight to stop the edge of leaves from burning.

Alocasia’s are water loving plants which can need watering a couple of times a week during the summer, the soil should be kept damp but not sodden! During the winter make sure to keep the soil damp, but watering will be far less as the plant goes into a dormant state.

The plant loves to be a high humidity area, you can help create this yourself by misting it with lukewarm water.

Plant size:
Height: 74cm/ 2ft 29icnhes

Pot size:
Height: 11cm/4.5inches
Width: 14cm/ 5.5inches




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