Calathea Silvia Pink


Calathea Silvia Pink
Known as the Living plats, for the fact their leaves turn up at night time and lay out during the day.

Calathea’s are distinct for their amazing leaf markings, give their leaves w wipe to keep their amazing marking clear.

The Calathea Silvia has distinct pink lines running through their leaves and deep purple bottoms.

Calathea’s require indirect sunlight, not direct as their beautiful marking will fade.

Can sit in partial shade but they flourish from bright indirect light.

Soil should be kept moist, but allow the plant to drain after watering.
When the top layer of soil is dry, it needs a quick drink.

Plant height: 65cm/ 25.5inches
Pot height: 19cm/7.5inches
Pot width: 20cm/ 8inches


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