Monstera Deliciosa


The Monstera Deliciosa also know as a Swiss Cheese plant have large tropical leaves and can grow to be enormous, They come in a 12cm recyclable plastic pot and can be re-potted easily if needed in the future.

Care Instructions;

-Water maximum once a week as these plants don’t like to be heavily watered. If your soil is dry when you put your finger into the soil then it will need a drink.

-Water from the bottom of the pot where the drainage holes are and let the plant drink what it needs to for around 20 minuets.

-Keep in a well lit location indoors, They do like room to grow so somewhere with lots of space and close to a window is best.

-Your Monstera Deliciosa leaves will need to be wiped with a damp cloth occasionally to make sure the leaves are clean and able to breath as this will also help them stay unblocked as they are used to absorb moisture too.



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