Euphorbia Trigona


Euphorbia Trigona Rubra

Friendship cactus

This distinctive plant may have common name as cactus but it is actually plant of the succulent family. This particular Euphorbia grows with green stems and leaves flushed red and magenta.

Lover of bright indirect sunlight, direct sunlight will scorch the wonderful skin of this plant.

Water once the top inches of soil are completely dried out, water from the top but do not let the soil become sodden.

This plant thrives from a little neglect, do not over fuss as this is the main contributor of the plant dying.

When split or the leaves removed there can be a milky white sap which will seep out, do not touch or ingest as this is toxis and can be an irritant to the skin.

Plant size: 20cm (average)

Pot size: 11cmx13cm


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