Large Peace Lily


Spathiphyllum – Peace Lily

The Peace lily is a hugely popular house plant, this is due to its ease of care, it’s air purifying qualities and the meanings behind this plants as a gift- peace, healing, hope and prosperity.

This wonderful plant will thrive in a brightly lit area, high level of humidity will also help, a brightly lit bathroom is perfect but you can create your own humidity by giving the plant a mist or placing it upon damp gravel.

Peace lily’s are very drought tolerant plants and can survive if a watering is missed, they may look sad but these plants will soon perk up after a good watering. When watering make sure the top layer of soil has dried out, one of the most common reason for these plants dyeing is over watering.

When you care for this classic plant correctly you will be rewarded with lots of baby flowers during early spring through to late summer.

Terracotta pot not included

Plant height: 90cm (average)

Pot height: 20cmx20cm



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