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Meadow moss / Mind your own business in a Vintage Terracotta pot


Meadow Moss bright green, fluffy and bouncy the perfect plant to sit in a vintage terracotta pot.

Mind your own business, over hanging foliage look like hair! lime green, bright green and dark green shades.

Meadow moss and Mind your own business care:
– Place in bright indirect light
– The plant likes the soil to be kept moist (not drenched) if in doubt let it slightly dry out before watering.

The mind-your-own-business and Meadow moss plants also likes high humidity. However, you should not mist or spray the plant with water. Instead, place a bowl of water on your radiator near the plant during the winter to help increase the air humidity.

Both plants can be outside spreading plants.

*Please note the pots are old vintage terracotta, each pot is unique and may have slight markings, which adds to the vintage charm*


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