Monkey Jars


Monkey jars

These plants are just magnificent in my opinion! One of the most rewarding plant to watch grow and you don’t even have to do much, perfect right?!

Monkey jars gets its names from monkey’s loving to drink from the pitchers  (adorable)

The first thing to know about Monkey jars is that they LOVE water, their soil needs to be kept moist, dry soil? give them at least one cup of water… if they need more give them more. Rain water is the plants favourite drink, sticking it out in the rain will do no harm, just like giving it a quick shower (literally).

The pitchers should be kept 3/4 full, but they are very good at filling themselves.

Monkey jars are not a fan on the sunlight they much prefer a bit of shade so their amazing pitchers don’t frazzle! A north facing window is best.

You will notice that after a while your pitchers will shrivel naturally and just disappear no need to cut them off, they reprouduce babies very quickly and it is a mesmerizing from baby shoot to full pitcher.





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