Tillandsia moss


Tillandisa moss
Spanish moss

This moss is part of the Tillandsia family also known as air plants, one natures most quirky plant families!

Spanish moss is a fabulous addition to any air plant lover, or to start you off on your love to air plants. The moss is a very low maintenance air plant and looks great hung in any home.

To keep your Spanish moss healthy you need to try and copy the environment the moss’s natural habitat, it grows on tress which gives it a canopy, flourishing in the raindrops and humidity.

Your spanish moss will be happy near a window give it plenty of bright indirect sunlight, humidity can be created easily  by placing it in a kitchen, bathroom or conservatory. The moss is fairly hardy plant can withstand cooler temperature, in a warmer climate you will notice is grows quicker.

Spanish moss loves rainwater, if you are able to collect any you should use it to water/bathe your moss. Pouring rainwater over the moss, letting it soak in a bucket of the water or giving it a good misting until its had a good soaking. Make sure the moss has completely dried out after before watering. If you can’t find any rain water distill tap water for a couple of days.





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