Zygopetalum orchid


Zygopetalum Orchid

This is just one of the varieties of the Zygopetalum orchid family, the familyis known for its intense colour and fragrance blooms… this particular type has a sweet jasmine scent, it’s dreamy!

The best place for your Zygopetalum is a south facing window with both bright light and shade, they are natrually grow upon tress so love a bit of shade! A good way to tell of they are getting to much sun is through the colour of the leaves, if they are turning yellow it is to much! if they are a lovely light green, then perfect placement.

These orchids can withstand a slightly warmer and cooler atmosphere but the one thing to avoid is cool and damp areas.


Never let your Zygopetalum dry out, as this would never happen in their natural habitat, during the warmer month they may need as much as 2 waterings a week (so check them) during the cooler months this can be cut back but make sure not to let them dry out.

Zygopetalums do not  like water straight from the tap, distill tap water or use rain water if possible.

Plant height: 48cm/ 1ft19in

Pot height:11cm/ 4.3inches






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