About Us

Bright Blooms is a quirky little Florists’ shop, filled with beautiful flowers and foliage, unusual houseplants and small gifts (many of which are sourced from independent businesses locally and from around the country). The shop is based in the small quaint town of Shaftesbury in Dorset (home to the famous Gold Hill), on the corner of Parson’s Pool, situated in an historic building which makes a statement for itself. We’ve recently given it a helping hand by brightening up the place to resemble our love of all things bold and bright!
Bright Blooms is now owned and run by myself (Ellen) and you may recognise me as I have worked in the shop for the past 5 years. When offered the opportunity to take over the business I could not resist! I have put my own stamp on the business and cannot wait to continue to do so, although I plan to continue keeping up with Bright Bloom’s philosophy; friendly, eco-friendly, and creating floral work to the highest and most creative standard we can offer! I want Bright Blooms to make it’s mark but at the same time am dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint,(walkable deliveries completed if we can!) removing single use plastics and products wherever possible and have been lucky enough to come across some lovely very local flower enthusiasts who supply some of our floral stock and a good range of garden plants. I am starting to experiment with foam free floral designs to hopefully be able to remove floral foam completely.
A little about myself, my love for floristry came a little bit later in life but I have always been attracted to anything colorful and creative. I thought I would try my hand at it and dived straight in to Level 2 Floristry and never imagined I would carry on all the way to accomplish Level 4 (The Higher Diploma in Professional Floristry) My personality is definitely represented in my floral bouquets; loud, colorful and bold! (but I also know how gorgeous pastels can be and love to play around with colour palettes). I love all flowers but to me the weirder the more wonderful! I love showing people the quirky side of nature through my flower and plant choices and you may have noticed Bright Blooms has become a bit of plant paradise!

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