Welcome to our workshop page, we have a selection of workshops throughout the year and we host each one right here at Bright Blooms, in Shaftesbury. Each workshop is lead by Annie (myself) and Ellen. The link on the right will take you to our workshop page where you can secure a place on your desired workshop. You’ll also find much more information for each workshop and a bit about our options for private parties and events. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any more specific information! 

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Workshop Reviews

Emma Virtue

I had great fun this evening creating a floral display at the workshop. 

Despite looking at the flowers and wondering how on earth I would ever create something pretty, with a little bit of help, and a lot of giggles, I did it!

Can’t wait for more workshops in the future!
Thanks ladies

Alison Lucas

Thank you so much for a lovely couple of hours. Great tuition and beautiful flowers!

Well worth the time xx

Dianne George

Very welcoming shop and owner.

Had a great evening at a wreath making tutorial...I loved the hot chocolate,mince pies and chocolate biscuits.!!!

I came away with my wreath feeling very happy at what I had achieved....thoroughly recommend

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