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We are passionate about developing a plastic free environment and continue to work hard to make our products and practices as eco-friendly as we can

Our bouquets and posies are free from single use plastic and cellophane, we use paper wrappings and vase arrangements come in a glass vase and reusable gift bag.
We continue to experiment with our plastic and traditional floral foam designs
We use natural moss, Arga wool or a recyclable medium to hold arrangements and are constantly looking for more ways to develop this ethos.
Arga wool: A florist’s eco friendly alternative to floral foam, 100% natural product and 100% biodegradable. We have opted to make the big swap from floral foam to arga wool as unlike floral foam it is made from Volcanic rock stone wool (basalt) and sucrose (cane or beet sugar) all of which is degradable!
agra wool
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Proud to be Plastic Free

What does it mean to be a plastic-free florist?

Our Bouquets and Posies now are free from single use plastic. Previously a Bouquet would come with a cellophane bubble of water in a gift box. We have made a conscious effort to stop the use of cellophane at Bright Blooms. Our Bouquets are now available in a gift box bag (which is a great reusable gift bag) and instead of cellophane we are now offering you a glass vase with the same tissue paper to hold the vase securely.

Instead of a plastic card holder that would be placed inside the bouquet we are now using a small wooden peg to hold your gift card in place. Previously we would use a plastic sticker to show off our logo and contact information, we now have a logo ink stamper which we will be using with pride! Whenever possible we love doing walkable deliveries too.

There is still a long way to go with the amount of single use plastic in the floristry industry but we are so proud of how we have been able to make more environmentally friendly swaps whilst still maintaining the same standards of our beautiful arrangements.

We love using moss as an alternative to floral foam!

We personally feel it has a much more overall natural style to the arrangement. Moss works as a perfect medium for floral arrangements: wreaths, wedding/ funeral arrangements and much more. Moss can be reused and re wetted, unlike floral foam.

When planning weddings and events, we like to discuss ways we can incorporate our plastic free passion and enable our customers to keep and reuse elements of our designs.

We love to forage local areas, use natural products, raid our friends and families’ gardens and have been lucky enough to come across some very lovely local flower enthusiasts who are passionate about their gardens and provide some of our glorious seasonal blooms.

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