Welcome To Bright Blooms

A bright yellow shop full of plants and blooms.


Nestled in the small town of Shaftesbury, behind the yellow door you will find an Aladdin's cave of botanical wonders to fill your home.

Blooms - We are the curators of bright and happy florals for Shaftesbury, We love all colours and pride ourselves on offering bouquets for all budgets. We create flowers for all occasions such as Weddings, Sympathy, Bouquets and Posies.

Plants - We have a huge array of house plants here, something for large spaces or small shelves. From exotic and rare to the more beginner friendly. We can help with your plant care needs and offer plenty of pots

And all the homeware you never thought you needed.

Eco Friendly Floral Boutique

Bright Blooms are working hard to become a plastic free florist, Our Bouquets and Posies now are free from single use plastic. Previously a Bouquet would come with a cellophane bubble of water in a gift box. We have made a conscious effort to stop the use of cellophane at Bright Blooms. Our Bouquets that would of used  cellophane are now still available in a gift box bag (which is a great reusable gift bag) but instead of cellophane we are now offering you a glass vase with the same tissue paper to hold the vase securely.  Instead of a plastic card holder that would be placed inside the bouquet we are now using a small wooden peg to hold your gift card in place. Previously we would use a plastic sticker to show off our logo and contact information, we now have a logo ink stamper which we will be using with pride!  We are still learning new ways to become a fully plastic free florist as there is still a long way to go with the amount of single use plastic in the floristry industry but are so proud and determined to carry on this process!

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